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Signature Maple


SALT Signature Maple in Black Pearl

The SALT Signature Maple will deliver clarity when you play soft as a mouse or club it like a baby seal on beats 2 & 4. Just like a high quality fountain pen, the SALT Signature Maple features a polished exterior crafted from premium Celluloid and hand stamped badge for that personal touch.

M8/8 Maple w/Rings
(Black Pearl) Celluloid Finish
*Personalized Brass Badge
Single Point Lug
Trick Gs007
PURESOUND Snare wires
3mm S-Hoops
EVANS drum heads

All drums are built to order in USA with a lead time of 4-6 weeks.

*Personalized Brass Badge
Please include desired txt. in the "Notes & Instructions" section upon check out.
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